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Your Questions Answered

Hire or Buy?

This is one of our most commonly asked questions. After carefully considering all factors, many clients tend to decide to HIRE  their suits.  However, just as many customers,  decide to BUY their suits and accessories.

If you do choose to BUY, we offer tailored “Australian Made” suits for grooms and those who frequently attend formal or business functions. We also sell an exquisite range of imported suits in a variety of modern fashionable colours and designs.  We offer an “interchange” program which enables you to select Jackets and Trousers separately, to achieve the “Perfect Fit”.


Here are some factors to consider:

  1. How often do you wear a suit? Once or twice a year?
  2. Would you generally wear a Formal Suit or Lounge Suit?
  3. How often do you attend functions that require Black Tie standards of dress?
  4. What type of fabric does your suit require?
  5. Are you able to buy ‘off-the-rack’?  At SUITS we are proud to offer our “interchange” program.
  6. Do you fit the general size ranges available in the retail market?
  7. Would you like all your groomsmen in the same suit as the groom?
  8. What are you prepared to spend?
  9. Can we BUY the suit and HIRE the accessories?
  10. Do suits (HIRE or BUY) include alterations – to achieve the “Perfect Fit”?

Keeping these considerations in mind, why not give our experienced consultants a call? They can help you make an INFORMED and ECONOMICAL decision.  Visit our showrooms – we have both HIRE and SALES departments. Fitting appointments are essential. Phone 93000870

Wedding FAQ's

We have been assisting wedding parties with their outfits for many years. Here are some of our most commonly asked questions. If you’d like expert assistance first hand, then visit our showroom or contact us today.

Q. How far in advance do the Groom and Groomsmen need to book outfits?

At the very least, we recommend 3 months in advance; however some of our clients book as early as 6 months in advance. This is particularly important during peak wedding times (Spring, Summer and Autumn or September to April). If you happen to have left it too late, we are happy to help you find something within a few weeks of your function’s date.

Q. Do we need to bring the entire wedding party (Best Man, Groomsmen, Page Boys, Fathers) when we are selecting your outfits?

We recommend visiting us with your fiancé first. During this visit, we can discuss styles, themes, colours, formality and any other requirements you have without the interruption of others. The rest of the party can come in at their convenience or as a group at a later date.

Q. Some Groomsmen, Fathers and Guests are overseas and only arriving several days before the wedding What do we do? What measurements do we need?

No need to worry. Our ‘Self Measuring Chart’ is available as a hard copy or in a PDF format and can be sent to those who need it. The chart details what measurements are required and how to perform these measurements, allowing outfits to be reserved in advance. When the guests arrive in Perth, they can come in for a confirmation fitting to ensure their suit fits perfectly. Minor adjustments can then be made just prior to the function date.  Download SUITS – Self Sizing Chart.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment?

Appointments are recommended but not absolutely necessary. Thursday and Saturday nights are our busiest times. To get the most out of your time with us, give us a call beforehand and arrange an appointment with one of our consultants. That way you’re guaranteed to receive the service we pride ourselves on.

Q. How long should we allow for a first fitting appointment?

Most people select their suit within 30 minutes to an hour. If you’ve already made your selection and just need to have your groomsmen fitted, then depending on numbers, it will take about 30 minutes.

Q. When can we pick up and return our outfits?

Outfits are generally ready for collection 2 days before the function. If your function is on a Saturday, then most fittings are completed on the Thursday beforehand. This final fitting is to ensure all garments fit correctly. If alterations need to be made for any reason, such as changes in size or weight, this can usually be sorted out immediately. To avoid delays, we strongly recommend you make an appointment for final fittings.

Suits and accessories must be returned by 12 noon the next trading day after your function. If you’re attending a function overseas or interstate, we can accommodate for later returns.

What Suit Should I Wear?

There is nothing worse than attending a function to find yourself “under” or “over” dressed!

Finding the right suit and accessories for the occasion is simple and easy with a few guidelines. When choosing a suit and accessories, consider the following:

  • What type of event are you attending? Is it a wedding, awards night, school formal or ball, business function, job interview or funeral?
  • Where is the event being held?
  • When is the event being held? Spring, Winter, Summer or Autumn?
  • What time is the event being held? Day or night?
  • Has the host stipulated a dress code on the invitation?

Read on for an explanation of some common dress codes.

White Tie

As the most “Ultra” formal dress code, a White Tie event is usually a grand occasion. You’ll need to wear full formal attire, including:

  • Tail Coat
  • White bow
  • Formal Dress Shirt (with a pleated front)
  • Cummerbund or Vest
  • White Gloves (optional but usual)
  • Formal Black Dress Leather Shoes (often Patent Leather)
Black Tie

A black tie event is formal. This means you should wear the following:

  • Dinner Suit (Tuxedo)
  • Black Bow Tie (or other formal neckpiece)
  • Formal Dress Shirt (usually with a pleated front)
  • Cummerbund (optional)
  • Black Dress leather shoes
  • A Vest is an optional extra that can individualise your look
Black Tie Optional/ Black Tie Invited

In this case, a Dinner Suit (Tuxedo) can be worn, but they are not essential. Guests can wear a dark suit dress/business shirt, and tie – if they prefer a less formal look.

Creative Black Tie

Considered an invention of the 80’s, the Creative Black Tie consists of a dark coloured suit, which is usually, a Dinner Jacket. Ties, vests and cummerbunds are optional. This standard of dress code leaves the options open for more creative/trendy interpretations of formalwear such as black dress shirts and bright coloured ties. This evolution of formal fashion brings a host of different styles and colours to the formal function that invites individuality.


Elegant and stylish. Think of wearing a dress/business shirt and tie with a dark suit. Individuality is acceptable.


Widely considered to be the same as Black Tie, a Formal dress code can also encompass a dark coloured suit with a dress/business shirt and tie. A dinner jacket with no tie would also suffice.


This dress code is not clear cut and usually a dinner suit is not an option. A lounge style suit is acceptable. When deciding how to dress for a semiformal function, consider the time of the event and the nature of the occasion. Evening events are more suited to dark suits with no tie, whilst daytime functions are more flexible – so coloured suits are acceptable.

Dressy Casual

A Dressy Casual code is very relaxed. Wear whatever you want – trousers and a casual shirt is appropriate but avoid jeans and shorts.


Whilst Informal is considered to be the same as Casual, it is important to retain a respectable style of dress appropriate for the function you are attending. A wedding or special event could involve wearing a Jacket. Again trousers and a casual shirt are appropriate but avoid jeans and shorts.

Long Term Hire FAQ's

At SUITS we are able to provide the services of Long Term Hire or Buy.

Q. We are getting married overseas – can we hire suits and accessories?

Yes! We provide suits for weddings all over the world. From Bali, Malaysia and New Zealand to India, Germany, Denmark and the USA (to name a few). So rest assured, it’s been done many times before with great success.

Q. I am attending a function in the Eastern States – can I hire a suit?

Yes! We have many regulars who hire suits and accessories for inter-state functions.

Q. I’m going on an overseas Cruise and require a dinner suit for a few occasions on board – can you help?

Certainly. We hire suits, waist coats, shirts and ties to cruisers at very reasonably rates.

Q. What are the rates for Long Term Hire?

Every long term hire is unique and needs to be negotiated.  Generally, rates will only be 1, 1 ½ or 2 times the scheduled hire rates. Rates are determined based on the time of year, the garment and the length of the hire. It can be more economical than purchasing the complete outfit.

However, purchasing a suit may also be an economical option.

Do You Offer Same Day Service?

Q. I’ve received a last minute invitation to a Black Tie function – can you have a suit ready for tonight?

Not a problem. We’re not a franchise or an agency, so we have a large range of stock in our showroom. Clients have often been correctly fitted for a suit, shirt, vest and tie in 15 minutes. However, if alterations are needed, this could take an hour or so.


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