Frequently Asked Questions

Hire or Buy?

This is one of our most commonly asked questions. After carefully considering all factors, equally as many clients tend to decide to HIRE their suits as decide to BUY their suits. Read more ‣


At SUITS - We have been assisting wedding parties with their outfits for many years. Here are some of our most commonly asked questions. If you'd like expert assistance first hand, then visit our showroom or contact us today. Read more ‣

Long Term Hire – Hire or Buy

We are getting married overseas - can we hire suits and accessories?
Yes! We provide suits for weddings all over the world. From Bali, Malaysia and New Zealand to India, Germany, Denmark and the USA (to name a few). So rest assured, it's been done many times before with great success. Read more ‣

Same Day Service

I've received a last minute invitation to a Black Tie function - can you have a suit ready for tonight?
Not a problem. We're not a franchise or an agency, so we have a large range of stock in our showroom. Clients have often been correctly fitted for a suit, shirt, vest and tie in 15 minutes. However, if alterations are needed, this will take an hour or so. Read more ‣

Dress Codes

What suit should I wear?
There is nothing worse than attending a function to find yourself "under" or "over" dressed! Finding the right suit and accessories for the occasion is simple and easy with a few guidelines. When choosing a suit and accessories, consider the following: What type of event are you. Read more ‣