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COUNT – Black – Wool Blend

This style of suit features a very classic Morning Tail Jacket. However, we have slightly altered the design of this traditonal jacket by using a semi-peak lapel – making it Unique to SUITS classic collection.

The trousers featured: are a grey morning stripe with a single pleated front and black double pleated with multi-waist adjustors. Both styles of trousers are appropriate fabric patterns and colour for this style of suit jacket.

This tail coat style is very fitted/simline and Exclusive to SUITS. 

Suitable for (very) formal traditonal occasions such as Weddings, School Ball or Funeral.

Featured here: Vests:  Suit Black & Midas White  Shirt:  Formal White Wing Collar with Pleated Front & Standard Regular Collar  Neckpieces:  White Fat Boy, Metallic Silver Standard Long Tie  Accessories:  Top Hat and Gloves
Available: Hire  – Wool Blend – Hire prices include standard alterations and drycleaningBuy

– Australian Tailored/Custom Made (100% Wool or Wool Blend)

SUITS website is currently under redevelopment – sorry for any inconvenience.  Updates are occurring regularly.  Please contact us by PHONE or EMAIL for more information regarding our products and services available.  Phone:  9388 0870  Email:  enquiries@suitsformalwear.com.au

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