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Bond (Grey) Tuxedo – Si By Studio Italia – Retail

ProductsRetailSuit StylesBond (Grey) Tuxedo – Si By Studio Italia – Retail

BOND TUXEDO (Flint Grey) – STUDIO ITALIA – Icon Class – Super 100’s Classic Australian Merino

A traditional  Tuxedo Jacket or as some call a “Dinner Jacket” is NOW available: in Flint Grey in a Modern Slim Fit.

The Studio Italia Bond (Flint Grey) Tuxedo jacket features:  Classic Satin Shawl Lapel, single black satin button front, with black jetted satin pockets, double rear vents and a closed cuff with 4 black satin buttons.

This Tuxedo Jacket (only) is available  **from $263 (**with some wedding discount packages)

At SUITS you are able to purchase this  tuxedo (dinner) jacket  with either:  the matching Icon Flint Grey trousers or Icon Black trousers.  If you already have an existing pair of black trousers – SAVE and purchase the JACKET ONLY !!

The Studio Italia range of suits is renowned for superb quality tailoring. Exquisite quality Super 100’s Classic Australian Merino – Cool Wool is used in the manufacture of this garment.

The Studio Italia range is part of  SUITS – ULTIMATE COLLECTION.

” It’s all about the fit, fibre  feel and function .  When it feels right, it fits right”.

Most Retailers only allow you to select a suit “off the rack”.  That is the jacket and trouser must be purchased as a suit combination. However, at SUITS we are proud to introduce the concept of “Mix and Match” or ” Inter-Change”Jackets and trousers can be purchased separately to achieve the perfect fit.

Jacket   Sizes: Short:    88cm – 120cm (Chest)                                               Regular:  88cm – 124cm (Chest)                                                Long:    92cm – 120cm (Chest)
Trousers (Standard) Sizes: Regular:  76cm – 112cm (Waist)
Trousers (Large) Sizes: Regular:  116cm – 140cm (Waist)
Vest (Standard) Sizes: Regular:  88cm – 124cm (Chest)
Vest (Large) Sizes: Regular:  128cm – 152cm (Chest)

SUITS Retail Prices: ** Discount Packages Available

Jacket (Only): $363 (incl GST)  RRP $440
Trouser  (Standard Sizes): $165  (incl GST)
Trouser (Large Sizes): $187 (incl GST)
Vest (Standard Sizes): $132 (incl GST)
Vest (Large Sizes): $154 (incl GST)

Alterations:  * POA                         

**Wedding Discount Packages Applicable – Refer to Special Offers for more detail.

SUITS website is constantly under redevelopment – sorry for any inconvenience. Updates are occurring regularly. Please contact us by PHONE or EMAIL for more information regarding our products and services available. Phone: 9388 0870 Email: enquiries@suitsformalwear.com.au

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