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Formal Shirt – Ivory, Wing Collar, Plain/Fly Front

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Formal Dinner Shirt – Ivory, Wing Collar, Plain/Fly Front

Imported quality, poly/cotton fabric, Ivory Formal Dinner Shirt, with hidden buttons.  The Wing Collar can be worn in front of the bow tie as shown here.  Most people prefer to wear the Wing Collar behind the bow.

This shirt can also been worn with other styles of neckpieces such as Fat Boy Ties, Cravates and Crossovers and Chockers formal occasions.

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Available: Hire or Buy
Order Code: Information coming soon
Sizes Available: Mens 38cm – 54cm  Boys 10.5″ – 14″
Hire Price: $22.00 (inc. GST)
Purchase Price: $77.00 (inc. GST)
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