Self Size Chart

It may be necessary to reserve a suit/or suits and accessories in advance of your function date – particulary during peak seasons.

This situation is often the case, when members of a wedding party are from overseas, interstate or live/work many kilometres from our showrooms.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to attend our showrooms to be fitted by one of our consultants.

On these occasions, it is recommended to download:   SUITS – Self Sizing Chart  Complete the form, reading the instructions carefully and filing the fields as indicated, then forward it to us.  Always make sure you contact us by phone to confirm that we have acctually received the completed Self Sizing Chart, if you sent it via post or email.

This procedure will enable us to reserve and prepare the appropriate garments ready for collection prior to the function date.

If time permits, it is recommended  to do a confirmation fitting, immediately when arriving in Perth.  This will give us sufficient time to complete any minor alterations which may be required.

Download:  SUITS – Self Sizing Chart