Hire or Buy?

This is one of our most commonly asked questions. After carefully considering all factors, many clients tend to decide to HIRE  their suits.  However, just as many customers,  decide to BUY their suits and accessories.

Q. Should I hire or buy?

If you do choose to BUY, we offer tailored “Australian Made” suits for grooms and those who frequently attend formal or business functions. We also sell an exquisite range of imported suits in a variety of modern fashionable colours and designs.  We offer an “interchange” program which enables you to select Jackets and Trousers separately, to achieve the “Perfect Fit”.

Here are some factors to consider:

  1. How often do you wear a suit? Once or twice a year?
  2. Would you generally wear a Formal Suit or Lounge Suit?
  3. How often do you attend functions that require Black Tie standards of dress?
  4. What type of fabric does your suit require?
  5. Are you able to buy ‘off-the-rack’?  At SUITS we are proud to offer our “interchange” program.
  6. Do you fit the general size ranges available in the retail market?
  7. Would you like all your groomsmen in the same suit as the groom?
  8. What are you prepared to spend?
  9. Can we BUY the suit and HIRE the accessories?
  10. Do suits (HIRE or BUY) include alterations – to achieve the “Perfect Fit”?

Keeping these considerations in mind, why not give our experienced consultants a call? They can help you make an INFORMED and ECONOMICAL decision.  Visit our showrooms – we have both HIRE and SALES departments. Fitting appointments are essential. Phone 93000870